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BLEND Color Analysis

Your Essential Color Solution

As diverse as women are, we all want the same thing; To feel beautiful and confident.


The way I help you achieve this is to take your natural beauty, coloring, shape and personality and turn it into a customized blueprint for dressing every day.

Style forms a solid foundation for building self-esteem in both ourselves and our teens/tweens. But rather than looking at trends and then judging ourselves harshly, we can obtain the skills professional stylists have cultivated to make any color combination or outfit look sensational on our own unique form.

Armed with the right knowledge, you have the ability to create a lasting legacy of self-confidence, fostering a positive relationship with self-image for both you and your daughters.


And guess what? I'm here to share everything I know with you! 

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

Your Guide To Wearing Color Every Day!

Following our interactive exploration of your natural coloring, we will craft a collection of 55-60 colors including:

  • Expressive Hues (to wear when you want to make an impression)

  • Grounding Neutrals (the basis of your capsule wardrobe)

  • Inherent Tones (to guide your accessories choices) 

  • Vibrant Accent Colors (for when you want to POP at an event)

All perfectly tailored to complement your true essence. 

You'll receive a beautifully curated PDF Color Guide and digital palette showcasing your unique color spectrum, designed to harmonize with your personality and style archetype.

COST: $395 USD


Discover the shades that bring out your natural radiance in both clothing AND makeup!

After our in depth color analysis, we’ll be able to narrow down your Top 10 WOW Colors for lipsticks, eyeshadows, tops, dresses, accessories and hair!

With your customized color palette, you’ll be able to reinforce the powerful message that every person is unique, and the key to stylish dressing is the knowledge of how to work with your inherent features, rather than simply copying what we see online.


Image by Meritt Thomas


So we can see the unique shades in your hair, skin and eyes.

We'll also get you to complete a questionnaire.



We'll curate a selection of neutrals and color combinations for your clothes, accessories and makeup.

Untitled design(5).png


You'll be sent a personalized, digital color fan and instruction guide on how to make the most of your WOW colors in outfits.

Untitled design(8).png

(Optional Add On)

$95 USD (Exc Shipping)
Untitled design(7).png

(Optional Add On) 

Matched To Your Skin & Includes:

  • 3x Eye Shadows

  • 1x Blush

  • 1x Custom blend liquid or powder foundation

  • 1x Lip stick & Lip gloss

  • 1x Finishing veil powder

  • 1x Eye shadow primer.

$199 USD (Exc Shipping)

Over 55 colors, tailored to complement your true essence.

  • Can my tween/tween also have her colors done?
    Absolutely - we offer an exclusive discount if you're booking for yourself and daughters. Please contact us to let us know and we'll send you the code.
  • How long does the Zoom session go for?
    We usually take 45 minutes to 1 hour. You'll be able to choose a time that suits you when you book.
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Practical Ideas To Boost Self Esteem For You & Your Daughters

Subscribe to the BLEND Beauty Insider, a digital magazine filled with confidence-boosting exercises, makeup hacks and outfit ideas!


You'll discover actionable ways to transform how you see yourself, and instil that new belief in your tweens and teens.

Thanks for joining us!

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