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About Kim

As a mother of six now-adult children and a retired military wife, Kim's journey has been marked by the joys and challenges of parenting.


She knows firsthand the struggles parents face when trying to foster a sense of self confidence in their tweens during those transformative years.


Over the last 35+ years, Kim has developed a unique approach to uncover the inner belief, beauty and confidence in both moms and their tweens.


This modality of color, style and image transcends conventional fashion advice, and places a strong emphasis on the connection between how you present yourself externally, with how you feel internally. 

Functioning as a Style Coach, Kim delves into the psychology of clothing, empowering both moms and their daughters  to embrace their individual beauty and cultivate confidence that extends beyond surface-level appearances.

Kim's innovative methodologies in personal transformation have garnered recognition in both local and national media, positioning her as a guiding force in the intricate realms of style and self-discovery.

In a world where first impressions carry weight, Kim stands as a visionary, reshaping the boundaries of personal expression and leaving an indelible mark on the lives she touches.

Best Selling Author


Step Into Your Brave is a book about the different faces of courage. It’s a reminder that even when we go through difficult times, we can take inspiration and encouragement from those who shared their stories to shine a light.

Available here to purchase.

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