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In her over 35 years of experience within the image and beauty industry, and mother of 6 now adult children, Kim has established herself as a seasoned professional and subject matter expert. Her career is marked by a profound dedication to empowering women who have historically played supportive roles in the lives of others. 

Kim's expertise spans diverse areas of personal transformation, including image consulting, self-discovery, self esteem and confidence-building, and skill development.


Through her guidance, women embark on a profound journey of self-realization and empowerment, shedding old identities to embrace new narratives where they take center stage in their own lives.

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Kim believes that all women are capable of achieving true happiness,  yet most struggle to actualize this after being a caretaker or raising their family once their kids leave home.  I passionately believe true happiness and success begin with embracing and celebrating who you are. When you prioritize self-love and release the weight of others' expectations, you gain the clarity and strength needed to design your path to unlimited health and happiness.


My mission is to empower you to fully recognize your unique abilities, cultivate unshakeable confidence, and trust in your own journey.  Once you believe in yourself, success is inevitable.

Best Selling Author


Step Into Your Brave is a book about the different faces of courage. It’s a reminder that even when we go through difficult times, we can take inspiration and encouragement from those who shared their stories to shine a light.

Available here to purchase.

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