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Revitalize Your Look: Blush Placement Tips for Women Over 40

As busy moms, it's easy to let our beauty routines take a back seat to the demands of family life. However, a quick and effective way to revamp your makeup look is by paying attention to blush placement. 

In this guide, we'll explore the art of blush placement for women over 40, helping you achieve a youthful and radiant glow that complements your natural beauty. 

Let's dive into the world of blush and discover the best techniques, types and colors of blush for different skin tones.

Understanding the Impact of Makeup on Self Confidence:

Makeup has the incredible ability to boost self-confidence by allowing you to highlight your best features and express your individuality. 

It's not about conforming to societal standards but about embracing your unique beauty and enhancing what makes you feel your best. 

Blush, in particular, plays a crucial role in revitalizing your appearance and instilling a sense of confidence that radiates from within.

HINT: There are 3 focal points on our face; eyes, cheeks and lips. To achieve the most balanced look you should only enhance 1 or 2 of your focal points,never all 3 with equal amounts of pigment. The 3rd focal point is generally your cheeks and therefore color should be applied to balance your face.


1. Go High on the Cheekbones

When you apply blush, begin by placing 1 or 2 fingers just below the outside corner of your eye. If you decide to wear a highlighter, this is where you will place it. Blush should not be applied above these guides.

2. Apply your blush color from your hairline towards your nose

Sweep your brush from your temple to the outside of the iris of your eye on the apples of your cheeks  and then blend in a light circular motion back up towards your temple.

Blush pigment is the strongest when it first touches your skin so it is best to begin at the temple to make it easier to blend into a smooth finish. 

Applying blush not only gives your face that finished look, it lifts your features and elevates your confidence. 

By accentuating your cheekbones you create a visual illusion of a balanced face drawing attention to your strengths.

3. Subtle Contouring

The combination of blush and subtle contouring doesn't just add color; it defines your facial contours, contributing to a more sculpted appearance. 

Contour should be applied before and just below your blush and should not extend beyond the outer corner of your eye. (See diagram)

HINT - Blending is your best friend.


The perfect blush for women over 40 should match the undertone of your skin; warm, cool or neutral.

Find out your undertone and mix a custom blush palette HERE.

Choosing the right color blush based on your skin's undertone can significantly enhance your overall makeup look. 

Here's a guide to help you select the perfect blush shade that complements your undertone:

Discover Your Skin’s Undertone: 

Before diving into blush colors, it's essential to identify your skin's undertone. Undertones are generally categorized as warm, cool, or neutral.

1. Warm Undertones:

  • You have warm undertones if you notice hints of yellow, peach, or golden tones in your skin.

  • Your veins may appear more greenish.

  • Gold jewelry tends to complement your skin tone.

2. Cool Undertones:

  • You have cool undertones if you observe pink, blue, or purple hues in your skin.

  • Your veins may appear more bluish.

  • Silver jewelry tends to complement your skin tone.

3. Neutral Undertones:

  • If you have a mix of warm and cool undertones, or your undertone is difficult to discern, you likely have neutral undertones.

  • Both gold and silver jewelry may complement your skin tone.


1. Blush for Warm Undertones:

  • Opt for peach, coral, warm pinks, or apricot shades.

  • These colors complement the warmth in your skin, providing a natural and radiant flush.

2. Blush for Cool Undertones:

  • Choose cool pinks, mauves, berries, or rose shades.

  • These colors harmonize with the cool tones in your skin, creating a fresh and lively appearance.

3. Blush for Neutral Undertones:

  • Lucky you! You can experiment with a wide range of hues.

  • Try rosy pinks, soft peaches, or berry tones to find what suits you best.


Tips for Application:

1. Sheer Application:

  • If you're unsure or want a subtle look, start with a sheer application and build up the color as needed.

2. Consider Your Makeup Look:

  • Match the intensity of your blush to your overall makeup. A bold makeup look can handle a more vibrant blush, while a natural look may benefit from a softer shade.

3. Day vs. Night:

  • For daytime, opt for lighter shades, and save the deeper, bolder hues for evening events.

4. Experiment:

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different shades. What works for you might depend on personal preferences and specific occasions.


Moms, don't underestimate the power of makeup in boosting your self-confidence. 

Taking a few moments for yourself each day to apply blush in a way that enhances your features can make a significant difference in how you perceive yourself. 

It’s our job to foster a sense of confidence and acceptance of our own natural beauty in our daughters, so the more you learn about how to enhance your own beauty, the easier it is to teach your tweens and teens to do the same.

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